Business English Certificate (BEC) examination training

Business English Certificates (BEC) are recognised by employers, ministries, government bodies and professional organisations throughout the world. This valuable suite of three qualifications provides clear proof that you have the English skills to succeed in international business.

BEC exam training is great for business

We provide language training for individuals or can take of your company's language needs. Contact us to see if we can come up with a tailored solution!

Business English Express is a collaborative project of PCI Languages and Dutch Language School Katakura WBLC.

Cambridge English: Business Certificates

In today’s challenging business environment, companies are seeking employees with English language skills to help their organisation compete internationally. You can give yourself a vital advantage by making sure you have the language skills that employers are looking for.

Cambridge English: Business Certificates – at a glance Improving your career prospects

Proving you can use Business English to communicate effectively can open the door to career opportunities with a new employer, or can make your ambitions for promotion or career development within your current organisation a reality.

Cambridge English: Business Preliminary CEFR Level B1 (380 hrs minimum)

Cambridge English: Business Preliminary is an intermediate level
qualification for people who need to show employers that they
have a knowledge of Business English sufficient for practical
everyday use in a business environment.

Cambridge English: Business Vantage CEFR Level B2 (580 hrs minimum)

Cambridge English: Business Vantage is an upper-intermediate
level qualification in Business English.

Cambridge English: Business Higher CEFR Level C1 (780 hrs minimum)

Why choose Cambridge English: Business Higher?

Cambridge English: Business Higher is taken all over the world by
people who need to prove that they have a high level of English
for business purposes.